You come in strange times, traveler.

You look like you ain’t from around here. How about I give you the lay of the land? You never know, it might even come in handy one day.

See, when folks first discovered Sandstone, they founded a town named Mekkenheim. Mekkenheim was made up of outcasts, mostly. Lots of men and women who’d grown tired of “civilized” life. Originally, the town was run on the auspices of independence. Folks gettin to do as they please with their own lives and such. Of course, that didn’t last much longer than you’d expect, and soon enough, a family by the name of Wagner had started to more or less run the place. Then…well, then came the Foxglove rebellion. For fear of wastin your time, traveler, let’s just say the Wagners, or what was left of em, didn’t run things anymore, especially not from their home in exile. After that, folks decided to spread themselves thin in the wilderness, try for a fresh start. Most of em weren’t ever heard from again, but wouldn’t you know it, a few actually made something of themselves.

Course, you can count the ones that did on two hands (or one if you’re some kind of freak), so take that as you will.

  • Hope on an island south of Sandstone, capital of the followers of Sidd
  • Oxlayne in northwest Sandstone
  • Redplain Fort in central Sandstone, former military fort, now church of Lucida
  • Cortina in central Sandstone, home of famed industrialist Edwin Senderos
  • Hartstead in east Sandstone, the first city to be attacked by the eastern imperialists
  • Bannack in east Sandstone, leader in precious gems and crime
  • Arkov in North Sandstone, home to the Mistborn


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