East Sandstone, directly below Temure Mountain.

Run by:
Isaac Webb, a corrupt and cunning economist and inventor. Focused on keeping Bannack profitable.

Bannack is a mining town, through and through. The contrast between the technologically advanced mining facilities and rotten camps that the miners reside in is palpable. However, this matters little to the miners, as most of their time is spent in western Bannack in bars and fighting rings. Webb is very aware of this and spends much of his time trying to keep his automatons in working order and ignoring the illegal activities in his town. Thus, Bannack is a leader in the black market regarding gems and is generally a site that many irreputable entrepreneurs keep their products.

Crazed and defamed chemist Leon Morgan has supposedly moved here to continue his practice and studies of necromancy. It is said that he has created a drug which has invaded the fighting rings of Bannack, making the fighters stronger and incapable of feeling pain.

Miners have begun disappearing in great numbers during the night, which could be related to a group of humanoids that has taken up residence in the foothills near the town.


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