Where: Central Sandstone, directly on top of the Horus Mines

Run by: Thomas Westin, a young puppet of Senderos whose father died in the Pendling River skirmishes.

The city was founded by a partially insane miner named Jack Horus after he discovered the largest known deposit of coal and other minerals in Sandstone. Though he ran the city, he spent very little time in Cortina proper, preferring his home under the city. This was quickly taken advantage of by the Westin family and, more recently, by Edwin Senderos. The “top floor” of the city is more or less unremarkable, save for the factories. However, as one goes deeper, a bevy of different groups have made their home on one of the many sections under Cortina.

Rumors: Supposedly, a cabal of vampires that originally inhabited the area has been capturing miners and bringing them to their lair somewhere in the caverns. Some say they have heard sacrificial chants echoing down the halls, though the claims have come from many different parts of the tunnels.


Sandstone Enochulator