In East Sandstone, a few miles west of the Golden Fingers.

Run by:
Byron Curry. A tough former leatherworker, given the title of Provincial Mayor a few years back. Noted racist and isolationist.

Ever since the assassination of former dwarven mayor, Wallace Goldstaff, the town of Hartstead has been wary of actions by the imperialist East, suspecting that they would be the first town targeted in the event of an invasion. Though it used to be the pinnacle of trade in Sandstone, the town has shut itself from nearly all trade, especially from the East. As such, living conditions have deteriorated, creating a split in the city between those poor who want trade opened back up, and the wealthy ideologists, who say that the town should hold fast against Eastern corruption.

Currently the home of Joseph Simmons, famed Collector, it is said that he is on the verge of fleeing the city, taking his collection of rune scrolls with him for fear that they could fall into the hands of the East.


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