The Incarnation of the Queen

-”With Lucida’s coming, our sins shall be foregone, and we shall all be led to the Boundless Caves.” This passage, written by the Mountaincleric Arthur Tunnelseeker, is the foundation for all of the Lucidites’ belief system. When Undermountain Temple has been completed according to Lucida’s exact specifications, she will be take on mortal flesh and lead them to their true homeland, which lies somewhere in the mountain ranges of Sandstone. Once there, they shall live eternally in an endless system of caves.

Blessed are the Brave

-Due to the conditions that Lucidites are forced to endure in order to gather the materials needed for Undermountain Temple, bravery is paramount to their beliefs. From a young age, Lucidites are immediately thrown into harsh situations in order to teach them the value of this trait. The youngest Lucidites are often forced to embark on the most dangerous tasks, with the danger easing as they grow older.

Elemental Preordination

-According to Lucida, the gathering of materials for Undermountain Temple has been and always will be the destiny of the those first dwarven explorers. As such, those materials necessary for the temple’s construction belong to the followers of Lucida. This has led to a great deal of conflict with the other residents of Sandstone, as many times, Lucidites will simply ignore any pre-existing stake on an area, and take what they need through any measure necessary. This has led to a longstanding animosity between the creatures now known as Sand Elves and dwarves. Both parties have held long, bloody conflicts over material-rich stretches of land.


-Lucidites are led by The Council of Five (formerly Six), a group of seemingly immortal dwarves who originally found Lucida’s finger.

-Arthur Tunnelseeker
-Joseph Flamehand
-Albert Elmtracker
-Rudolf Veincrusher
-Douglas Veincrusher
-Herman Grimtooth – Deceased

-These men, who reside in a compound deep into Undermountain Temple, direct the operations of the Lucidites. After the death of Herman Grimtooth, they are rarely seen outside of this area, much less in the world above ground. As such, rumors have spread around Redplain Fort regarding their physical appearance. These are never spoken aloud, naturally, but they are becoming more and more pervasive.

-It is not entirely clear how the council receives their instructions. Regardless, Dwarven reclamation groups are constantly scouring the continent, and are known to carry a single sheet of paper noting the whereabouts of their destination and what they are looking for. It always carries the symbol of the Council.

-Grimtooth himself was murdered on his way to investigate another supposed remnant of Lucida found in Southwestern Sandstone. On the trip to the site in question, Herman’s caravan was ambushed by an unknown Sand Elf tribe. He and the entirety of those travelling with him were murdered on the spot. His body was not discovered until 3 weeks later. For a period of about 15 years after this, animosities between Lucidites and Sand Elves were at an all time high, with many bloody battles being fought over insignificant plots of land. Over the course of the conflict, it is believed that 17 different Sand Elf tribes were wiped from existence, along with untold numbers of dwarves.

-In the years since the war, tensions have remained high, but outright bloodshed has ceased. Of course, the memories of these atrocities have not faded, and members of both sides of the conflict are easily coerced into conflict with the other.

Undermountain Temple

-The temple which houses a large portion of the followers of Lucida exists in the cavern system underneath Redplain Fort.

-Redplain Fort itself is a strange interpretation of a ghost town. Though it is usually active with the hustle and bustle of Lucidite men and women carrying goods, chatting, and running about, the buildings themselves are almost entirely on the verge of collapse. If one spends a short amount of time, it is easy to see why. The only buildings actively used by the dwarves are abandoned barns and stables, which have been outfitted with ramps leading down into the caverns that make up the temple.

-Undermountain Temple is an absolute work of art. The entrance hall itself, a circular room surrounded by ramps leading from the world above, is filled with all kinds of gems and precious metals. It is dominated by a circle of statues depicting the council of six in their prime.


Sandstone Enochulator