You come in strange times, traveler.

You look like you ain’t from around here. How about I give you the lay of the land? You never know, it might even come in handy one day.

The city-states and their locations are as follows:

  • Hope on an island south of Sandstone, capital of the followers of Sidd
  • Chisum in northwest Sandstone, near the Angling Cliffs
  • Oxlayne in northwest Sandstone, “sister” city to Chisum
  • Redplain Fort in central Sandstone, former military fort, now church of Lucida
  • Cortina in central Sandstone, home of famed industrialist Edwin Senderos
  • Hartstead in east Sandstone, the first city to be attacked by the eastern imperialists
  • Bannack in east Sandstone, leader in precious gems and crime
  • Arkov in North Sandstone, closest to Mistborn population


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