Granding Island, off the southern coast of Sandstone.

Run by:
Alexander Granding, leader of the Siddington religion/movement.

Generally a self-sustaining island, it has no true exports, save for the Siddite missionaries. Hope was founded a few short years ago by Alexander Granding, an inventor turned prophet, as a permanent home for his controversial followers. Interestingly, there is only one true building on the island, a lavish temple to Sidd. All of Granding’s followers live on boathouses docked around the island, as much of it is inhospitable. The paths up to the temple are precarious, and serve to remind the Siddites of their courage in following Sidd.

Though many Siddites and non-Siddites profess Granding himself is a very friendly and altruistic man, it is widely believed that he and his followers are being misled, perhaps by the god Altair, who was said to have been banished by Sidd many years ago.


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